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Alliance Storage Technologies Announces Successful Completion of The Purchase Of Plasmon Assets



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Alliance Storage Technologies Announces Successful Completion of The Purchase Of Plasmon Assets

Colorado Springs, Colo., January 13, 2009 – Alliance Storage Technologies today announced that it has completed the acquisition of all Plasmon assets, a trusted source of data archiving systems for over 20 years.  The asset acquisition includes the full line of Plasmon libraries, drives, media, parts, and related inventory.  With this acquisition, Alliance Storage Technologies has positioned itself as a leader in the long term data storage market, and will continue to maintain and develop its technologies in the optical solutions market.  Alliance Storage Technologies will continue the use of the Plasmon Brand identity and is committed to globally addressing the current and future needs of all Plasmon ’s worldwide customers and partners, as well as ensuring continued customer satisfaction and confidence.
Alliance Storage Technologies is committed to the Plasmon line of products; with sales of the UDO technology, on-site maintenance services, technical support, depot repair, media and parts. Chris Carr President of Alliance Storage Technologies states; “Our intention is to continue to produce and develop the product lines that Plasmon developed and provide excellence in maintenance and support services for all our current and future products.  We are very excited about the opportunity to provide the superior UDO technology to the commercial storage marketplace.”
The asset acquisition includes all patents, copyrights, trademarks, technologies, and related intellectual properties for library, media, and drive technologies, as well as the manufacturing facilities, repair processes, and know how.  Alliance Storage Technologies has also retained key personnel and resources from Alliance Storage Technologies in order to continue the high level of support and manufacturing capabilities on which customers have relied upon. Alliance has expanded its locations to include the previous Alliance Storage Technologies facility, and is now conducting business from this address as well as the original Alliance location. Both operations are located in Colorado Springs, CO. We are currently offering a full suite of customer support services for all Alliance Storage Technologies product lines. The manufacturing lines are in full operation, and are currently shipping configured products. We will continue to provide the sustained engineering for product updates and continued improvements to all of the product lines and media.
About Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc.
For more than 10 years Alliance Storage Technologies has specialized in optical storage technologies. Most important is our customer service, in this ever changing market we have to provide a better overall service than our competitors, to survive. We have many clients who have enjoyed years of superior on-site maintenance services from Alliance Storage Technologies. We work hard to get our customers, but work even harder to keep them.
Selling the newest technologies of storage systems including Alliance Storage Technologies, Cygnet, Filenet OSAR, HP, DISC, IBM, SONY, and NSM optical libraries, as well as all brands and types of WORM and rewritable media. Providing both new and refurbished equipment, parts, systems, all types of optical drives, accessories and replacement parts. We provide system upgrades, trade in, and buy back options.
Offering premium maintenance and repair services on all our products, we can analyze, repair, and maintain your highly critical storage equipment faster, more accurately, and with higher efficiency than other maintenance companies. If you want to minimize your un-scheduled equipment downtime, then you should find out more about our unique preventative maintenance measures. Maintenance contracts are customizable to suit your needs. We provide training programs for all of the equipment that we sell.
Alliance Storage Technologies provides consulting services to determine system configuration requirements, projected storage requirements, connectivity, and future expansion design for your storage solutions, as well as providing media migration services to move your data from one application to another. We offer a variety of the most popular jukebox control software. Our solutions ensure compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, SEC and HIPAA compliance requirements.  

For more information, visit www.alliancestoragetechnologies.com or www.Alliance Storage Technologies.com

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